Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day 2014

No, not Trout Season........There is one day a year, more than any other day of the year, when hope springs eternal. The crack of the bat, the pop of the glove, the Star Spangled Banner and the umpire yelling "Play ball!".  It is opening day. There is no one more optimistic on this day each year than my brother, Curt Evans. I don't know how many opening days exactly I have shared with Curt. We have been to "the Season Opener" and the "Home Opener" together many times. We watched quite a few together on the family Magnavox and Zenith in our youth and listened, transistors under the pillow, to a few when we were too young to stay up and watch. My brother played baseball.  I was his number one fan. Still am. No one was prouder watching him get big Dave Hollins to swing and miss at Phantasy Camp. So on this day, Opening Day 2014, when our Phillies pounded out a 14-10 win, and we blindly believe when Ruben says we have one more phight left in these Ole' Phightin's, I dedicate this video with love to my brother Curt. Here we go bro! Let's dip ourselves in magic waters one more time. October or bust!

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