Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dear Ms. Macie Blaine Evans                                           November 2014

Welcome to the family sweetie. They say you can pick your friends but not your family. You are stuck with us. So, allow me, your Oupa, Abuelo, Granpe, Babu, Umkhulu, G-Diddy and Granddad to introduce you to the Evans'. First, is my mother, your great grandmother, Edie.  You will find her standards high and her heart loving.  This is the number one source for the best cookies on the planet.  If you ever doubt your Great Grandma Edie's love for you consider your resemblance to her favorite collectibles

Enough said. That takes me to your Grandmother Kyle. This woman is an endless source of energy. If you are tired, need a pick me up, need someone to offer you advice on any subject, or just plain need a source of inspiration....... see your Grandma Kyle. Let me just warn you, she is a bit crazy.  I offer as evidence the following:
Nevertheless, you would be wise to study her.... she knows no boundaries and never takes no for an answer.

For uncles, you could not ask for better than Uncle Steven and Uncle Peter. They will give you countless hours of laughter with their stories and adventures and teach you to be fearless and enjoy life

They have your dad's back and will never let you down....not to mention Uncle Chef Peter can cook a fantastic birthday dinner. Let me also add your Aunt Janessa is awesome. She puts up with your Uncle Steve..... you will quickly learn that she has great tolerance and capacity to love. That alone is a huge plus on her resume.

By now you know your parents, Christopher, my son, and Mistin. You are such a lucky girl to have them. They love you so much. You are already the apple of your dad's eye. Go easy on him.

As for me, I loved you before you were born. It is so special that my first grandchild is a girl. You will find me to be someone who never stops learning new things. I like to be funny, even silly. So as the first girl in the family, you will have a lot to teach me and we will have a lot of fun. My father never got to meet his grandchildren. So already you have made me a very blessed man. I have had the privilege to travel the world. I studied many interesting things, have been to some great places, and I love to tell stories about all of it. Oh yes, about stories, I love to read bedtime stories. I got quite good at it after three boys. Feel free to take advantage of this.  Here we are first time we met.

So that's us, welcome to the Evans Family. Love you bunches.

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