Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When There’s a Nip in the Air, Take a Spinning Class                       November 2014

It doesn't really matter what season, I love fishing spinnerbaits.  Fortunately for me- and you too-  November is a good time to throw them for those late feeding Smallies. In fall, this bait works best when the bass follow the bait fish into the warmer shallow waters on sunny late autumn afternoons. Under these conditions, gold willow and silver colorado blades do a good shad imitation when pulled through shallow cover like rocks, bushes, weed beds,trees, or stumps. Of course for success, the bait fish need to be present in the shallows. Bait fish often seek shallow bays, creek mouths, and slower moving water that has been warmed by the sun. At this time of year, blades producing more vibration will often work best. The best fall blade combinations will vary according to water clarity. In clear water, a small Colorado blade in front of a larger willow leaf- both in gold- has proven to be the best combination. In stained water, either a tandem willow or a tandem Colorado combination in silver works well. In dingy water, slow your retrieve even more letting large silver Colorado or Indiana blades execute a slow roll. During this transitional time, more important than blade combinations is the speed of your retrieve. Try varying from slow to medium to slow again. Experimentation is often required to get just the right flash and vibration. Slow rolling off the bottom, bumping rocks and stumps along the way will often trigger the strike.  Follow your normal rules for color which will be particularly important in clear water, and whatever you do, enjoy these last days before your are thinking more about drilling holes in the ice than spinning for bass. Tight lines!

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